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Alicia's life



On this page I will give advice to your needs!

My Advice on Singing

Okay advice time!
So everyone says you can sing and you want the main role in the school musical.But there is a girl you think can sing better and has a horrible aditude,but is little miss princess in front of the teachers.The teachers all adore her.What do I do?
help a fellow singer
Dear help a fellow singer,
My advice to you is can she act?If so just practice and practice singing,dancing, and acting.Be yourself when you try out not who people want you to be.Little miss princess will one day be cought being herself and not miss nice girl and the teachers will lose all intrest in liking her.Till then be yourself,practice singing, acting,and dancing and you will have done the best you can.
Good Luck

Cheerleading Advice

Hellow Cheerleaders
heres a really hard question to anwser below!
Dear Alicia,
I want to be a cheerleader and have never done it before.What do I have to do to get on the team?PS i have no cheering or dancing backround.
-How do I ace tryouts
Dear how do i ace tryouts,
Just watch your school cheerleaders, read cheerleading magazines, and watch cheerleading shows!
You can also get together with someone you know who is on the team and ask them to help you be ready for tryouts.
If you mess up do not stop and cry keep going and act like nothing happend.The judges are looking for people who can get through hard times.And do not forget to smile.