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Alicia's life


Red Rose, Spinning

Hi everyone,
Welcome to a site about singing and cheerleading,and also a guide to friends.
This website was made by a girl for girls.
Hope you enjoy all of my advice and statements!

So this site has cheerleading right? True!
So this site has singing hints right? True!
So this site has friendship advice right?So true!
So your telling me you can help my problems?
This site can answer questions people I know have!Like I like this kid what do I do?My response is if your old enough ask him out and hope for the best.If you're to young or not aloud to date till after your married than act normal and try to be their friend!
So every week I will try to answer new questions I get asked by my friends or others!

Click here to see 1 of my favorite band covenent